Mission Excellence for ADHD


Mission Excellence for ADHD is a first-of-its-kind small group education program for overactive, impulsive or highly social youth including but not limited to ADHD students grades 6 -12. The program brings the best of ILIA’s EmpowerOne coaching, mentoring and counseling program and Mission Excellence, ILIA’s academic enrichment program.

The low student to instructor ratio leadership-based program utilizes various innovative learning styles and approaches to address the interests and needs of students gifted with hyperactivity, impulsivity or inattention. We believe that behavior modification is what separates Mission Excellence from other traditional learning environments.

The center’s programming implements a personalized curriculum for each grade leveraging ILIA’s best practice six cornerstone framework. Students do not study traditional one-size-fits-all subjects, but rather an integrated holistic personalized curriculum that is intriguing, applied, highly interactive and faith integrated in each lesson plan and subject. We utilize the core learning goals of the Maryland State Department of Education as a general guideline for determining student outcomes.

Times and Duration

The learning center is open from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm and students are offered academic instruction, experiential learning, service-learning and internships. Most students who attend are home school students who wish to complement their home school experience with Mission Excellence innovative learning.


Mission Excellence for ADHD is offered only at ILIA’s various locations and partner schools.

Interested in Learning More

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