Individual Tutoring

Individual Tutoring

There are advantages to both group tutoring and individual tutoring. The major difference really depends on the students’ learning style. Many students are shy and prefer not to speak up in class; thus causing their academics to suffer. Some students have trouble focusing in the classroom with so many distractions. And for others perhaps the teacher moves at too fast or too slow of a pace. For students struggling with such difficulties we recommend individual tutoring.

The primary difference between individual and group tutoring is the structure. In individual tutoring the teacher is able to focus on one student for the entire time. The sessions are more flexible whereas group tutoring has fixed time.


1) First Session: The first session will generally be the assessment and planning phase.


         Student Assessment

  • Identify Student’s Leadership Qualities

  • Identify Student’s Learning Style

  • Identify Student’s Personality Type/ Personal Characteristics

  • Develop S.W.O.T. (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) Analysis


         Chart out a plan with student

  • Define Goals

  • Develop S.M.A.R.T. (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time) Objectives.

  • Identify Hours and Resources needed

  • Share with parent and Mission Excellence Program Manager


2) Halfway Benchmark Report: Upon completing half of the purchased hours tutor will write a brief report of student progress. Tutor will assess whether or not student is on track to meeting stated goals and objectives. Tutor will also indicate whether or not he/she thinks the student needs additional hours. If so, tutor will make the recommendation to parent(s). 


3) Concluding Sessions: The tutor is expected to end sessions as scheduled. Student should be well equip and prepared for session conclusion; sessions should not just end abruptly. A final assessment will be made of student progress, S.W.O.T. analysis, and whether or not goals and objectives were met. The report will be given to the Mission Excellence Administration, Student, and Parents. 


1) Purchase Hours: a block of hours from the above selections and fill out necessary information. The amount of tutoring is completely up to you. After registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Within 48 hours you will be matched with a tutor and contacted by Mission Excellence.

2) Tutor Contact: The tutor will contact the parent/student and begin to schedule tutoring sessions. This includes the location, time frame, dates, availability, and any other information necessary. If the schedules are conflicting or the parent, student, and/or tutor feels it is not a good fit the tutor will be replaced. If the schedules match then the process will proceed.

3) They are your hours use them how you want: We strive to address the specific needs of each student. The way you use your hours is completely between you and the tutor. For Example, if you purchase 10 hours you can split them up Monday-Friday 1 hour each day for 2 weeks. Or you can do 1 hrs Friday, 2hrs Saturday, and 2 hrs Sunday for two weekends. If you purchase a five hour block you can use the hours all in one day or spread them out over the course of a week or so.

I would suggest assessing how much tutoring your child needs then purchasing the block(s) of hours. You have the flexibility and freedom to use the hours however you choose.