We are faced with a severe social issue in the United States as the quality of education continues to decline and more and more children fail to meet the criteria for standardized State administered exams. We need help to combat this social issue!!!

Why Mission Excellence?

Mission Excellence is not simply another educational program. Mission Excellence is an all-encompassing program that emphasizes the essence of learning. We focus on the characteristics, leadership quality, and performance level /ability of each student. We also assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for our students. Our facilitators are well-trained and equipped to deal with various learning styles and levels of understanding. We strongly encourage students to reflect on the purpose of studying and acquiring knowledge. We want to see success not only in a particular class or subject but in overall academic performance and personal life.

Our Program Strives to…

Eradicate Root-Cause Challenges

Instill Leadership Qualities

Boost Academic Performance

Enhance Self-Awareness

Make Learning Enjoyable


Who will my donations go to? There are a number of causes your donations could go towards…

 1) Free Tutoring- Unfortunately not everyone who needs tutoring is able to afford it.

(A) We use money from donations to help students who are struggling in school but can not afford a tutor. The money will pay for the tutor and other expenses such as learning material, and so on. In these cases tutoring is generally needed for at least  two days a week for a month.

(B) We would also like to provide free tutoring to community centers (mainly in low-income neighborhoods) where extra educational help is often needed.  Our goal is to establish long-term tutoring in these community centers.

 2) Reduced Price Tutoring- We also use donations to provide tutoring at a reduced price to students, after-school programs, and community centers.

3) College Tuition- In some cases we even provide financial help to students who can not afford higher education. The student must excel academically and display a strong desire to pursue higher education.

How do I donate? Under the donation tab click on PayPal.    


You will have 2 options…

1) A One-Time Donation: This is a donation made once but a individual can donate in the future as well.


2) Recurring Donation: This is a continuous donation scheduled to occur on a particular day each week or month.

Click on the option most suitable for you and create or log into your PayPal Account. Follow PayPal directions from there…

Become A Sponsor

Do you have a particular student(s) or community center(s) you would like to sponsor? You can sponsor Mission Excellence tutoring for him/her/them for a week, month, 6 months, or even an entire year. Contact Us for more information on how to become a sponsor. The price of the tutoring will vary depending on the amount of tutoring needed and number of students being tutored.

What is the amount of money I should donate

We do not ask individuals to donate a specific amount; the choice is yours. All donations help and are greatly appreciated.


When should I donate?

Let’s start with today!!! Once again any donation helps.