ARABIC-102 Elementary Arabic II


ARABIC-102 Elementary Arabic II : January 10- May 10, 2012

The Arabic language consists of rich dialect often complex and difficult to grasp. Yet, it is one of the most commonly spoken languages throughout the world. In fact, individuals from various countries and cultures are able to communicate through the Arabic language. For example, a primary language in India & Pakistan is Urdu but many of the people in these countries also speak Arabic.

Arabic 102 is a 20 week course providing you with an opportunity to expand your horizon; not only by learning another language but by developing a comprehensive understanding of often misunderstood perspectives. What you learn here you can carry with you for a lifetime.

In this course students will enhance and build upon their Arabic Language  skill in reading, writing, and speaking. Students will also advance their understanding of the vast Arabic speaking countries, cultural practices, religious perspectives (Christian, Jewish, Islamic), and proper Arabic grammar.

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