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I. General Tutorial focused on usage of basic English in the following areas:

A. The language of writing
1. Standard and formalized language use
2. When and where it’s used
3. Effective communication and creative language
B. Vocabulary usage and spelling
C. Grammatical structures
1. Punctuation forms and usage
2. Sentence structure (s)
3. Syntax (coherency, and sequential construction)

II. Comprehension

A. Context / Reading strategies
B. Understanding context clues
C. Information summary / synopsis

III. Writing

A. Writing Form (types of writing used in literature etc.)
B. Simple communication through writing (letters etc.)
C. ECR and BCR (Extended and Brief Critical Response) forms [how to write them]

IV. Reports and Compositions

A. Essays
B. Applying additional concepts in English
1. Presentations
2. Writing for speaking
3. Reference

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